Tracking commissions in quickbooks can be a headache. The simplest solution is to go for a tiers software, that tracks commissions automatically once connected.

Use a software to track commissions

Quickbooks doesn’t offer the option to track commissions. And this is completely fine because billing software is not meant for that.

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We would recommend using Palette. Connecting Palette and Quickbooks is really easy. But not only that, we’ve try to build the best commission tracking software out there ! Of course, you can find many other softwares to do this. 

Integrating Palette with quickbooks is really easy :

  1. You provide how your commission plan is structured
  2. We integrate everything in Palette in few days
  3. We check together. You’re good to go !

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The benefits of using a software to track commissions in Quickbooks

You save hours with automated real time commissions calculations.

You reduce errors and get data you can trust.

You build trust by offering more transparency to your sales representatives.



Two alternative solutions that doesn’t require a paid software

The first alternative to track commissions would be using Google sheets or Excel, and enrich the data manually. Of course, this is time consuming and error-prone.

The second alternative to a paid software solution, would be to hire your own developer to connect Excel or google sheet with your CRM and / or billing system. This is expensive and needs lifetime maintenance. But once done, it would be a real time saver.