Know someone who can make this happen? I do 👽 👇

Comment this post, and I’m sharing his secret playbook with you 🎁


86% of B2B buyers see “no real difference between suppliers.”

There’s no other choice: BUILDING A BRAND IS NOT AN OPTION !

Want a proof? McKinsey & Company gets to charge $500,000 for surveys. 💸

So what makes great B2B brand storytelling? 💡 🤓

Liam Boogar-Azoulay, the Director of Global Marketing 360Learning shared his mental models for driving growth with Brand and his playbook for generating zero-cost pipeline.

These are born out of his experience, advizing dozens of startups and leading Brand at three hypergrowth startups.

When Liam joined 360Learning, only 7% of the sales pipeline was organic.. everything else was paid advertising… i.e. millions of $ spent on ads every year.

Just one year later, FREE organic pipeline accounts for >50% 😑

You don’t get there by chance.. You need to have a playbook.

Liam just shared one for you..

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