You run a software as a service company and wonder how much you earn every single month ? This calculator will help you figure it out.

a saas commission calculator

Your Saas inputs for this commission calculator

Average MRR per customer : How much revenue a customer brings each month ?

Number of new customers every month : How many customers do you win every month ?

Sales commission rate : What percentage of the revenue do you pay them?

Base sales salary : How much do your sales cost per month ?

What you’ll get in output

The net monthly recurring revenue based on cost and incomes.

Saas Commission Calculator

Average MRR per customer ($)

Number of new customers every month

Sales commission rate (%)

Base sales salary ($)

How do we calculate the MRR ?

The monthly recurring revenue is calculated by subtracting the costs (fixed and variable) from the revenue generated by new customers.

net MRR = Average MRR per customer X number of new customers – (Base sales salary + Sales commissions)