Today, there is a gap between what we see and what actually is. Speed and agility are more critical than ever and strategic decisions should always be data-driven. Getting a realtime view of sales compensation is key to business success, but can sometimes be a little challenging.

The challenge behind real time view of sales compensation

Calculating commission is time consuming. Most businesses start with Excel or Google Sheets, but soon or later, they feel overwhelmed. 

This is when you start making concessions : using only CRM data by hiding the reality of billing. Adjusting sales compensation planning to make them easier to manage, but disconnected to business strategy.

synchronisation challenged with realtime data

How to view sales commissions here and now ?

Three solutions : 

  1. Doing it manually. It is very time consuming.
  2. Recruiting a developer to connect APIs and automate data enrichment. High cost and low adaptability.
  3. Using an off-the-shelf software like Palette : few days of onboarding and easily changeable.

Palette dashboard with real time sales compensation data from CRM and billing software

Palette gives a real time view of your sales compensations so that you know precisely where you stand at the moment. We also offer a real time view for every sales rep.