Ben Horowitz once said 🗣

“Companies that don’t have a clearly articulated story, don’t have a clear and well thought-out strategy. The company story IS the company strategy.”

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege to chat with Sarah Din, VP of Product Marketing at Unbabel. She’s AMAZING!

During a one hour ** MASTERCLASS ** , she agreed to share Unbabel’s secret sauce about branding and messaging strategies.

And the content is gold! 💰 J ust so you know, people pay  💵 💵 💵.  for this masterclass..

Also, this kind of knowledge could help you get your next promotion!! 🚀  So make sure to WATCH IT!

– What are the top 3 attributes of an effective message?
– How to clearly articulate value to customers?
– How science can help you create your own messaging framework
– Which KPI can help you tell if your messaging strategy is working or not?


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