What better way to learn compensation plans than reading a great book? Compensation plans can be a complex topic. To help you out, we’ve compiled a few books you should read to go from zero to hero!

Book number 1 : Compensating the Sales Force

With this third Edition of “Compensating the Sales Force : A Practical Guide to Designing Winning Sales Reward Programs”, David Cichelli goes even further into Sales compensation. A great reference book.

The author : David J. Cichelli is the Senior V P of The Alexander Group.He is also known for having taught at Columbia University.

What we would have loved : maybe going a little more in depth on how to calculate payouts.


Book number 2 : The Future of Sales Compensation

Imagine yourself in 2016 wondering what compensation plans might look like in the coming years. A good book to read in “back to the future” mode.

The authors : Chad Albrecht and Steve Marley are two Principals at ZS Associates in Chicago, Illinois.As Certified Sales Compensation Professional (CSCP), and 30 years of consulting experience combined.

What we liked : a pleasant book to read


Book number 3 : Sales Compensation Solutions: Addressing the Toughest Sales Incentive Issues in Today’s Changing World

If you are looking for a nice 187 pages playbook about sales compensations, here it is. Variable pay, outside sales and account manager compensation,…

The authors : the whole dream team of ZS Associates contributed.

What we liked : agility in mind.


A book about sales compensation plans


Other books to check :